3 types of classes to fit everyone

Balanced, Focused,
& Restore


Balanced classes are the foundation - precisely designed for optimal, whole body fitness and function for healthy aging. If exercise could be taken in pill form, Balanced classes would be your multivitamin.

Balanced classes build strength and bone density with resistance training, improve heart health with cardiovascular work, and maintain joint health with mobility movements. Classes come in a variety of familiar styles, optimized for the most efficient, effective, and dynamic experience.

Balanced Lift

Balanced Lift is designed to use weight training to improve strength while incorporating aerobic exercise to improve endurance. After all, your heart is a muscle, too!

Balanced Bodyweight

Balanced Bodyweight is a strength class based on Pilates, building a stable and strong core with bodyweight movements on the mat and in standing. To create a truly dynamic workout, cardio and mobility elements are added to address whole body fitness. This is a great class for those who like to exercise on the floor, and those looking to build core strength.


Balanced Flows is a yoga practice that extends beyond mobility, developing functional strength and cardiovascular endurance to build a strong body and mind. Balanced flows is a great class for those who love yoga, and who are looking to use these powerful moves to build functional fitness for everyday life.

Balanced Jabs

Balanced Jabs provides one of the most efficient ways to get a vigorous cardiovascular workout, comparable to taking a run. This low impact exercise builds endurance by raising your heart rate, we have packaged it with strength to provide a full body workout appropriate for those looking for a challenge.


Our Focused classes are just that: focused workouts in training styles we all know and love - boxing, yoga, cardio dance, pilates, resistance training, and more - that deliver essential, targeted fitness results.

Whether you’re working towards a specific goal, want to continue enjoying a favorite workout in a safe and effective way, or combining with our Balanced classes for an optimized fitness regimen, Focused classes are designed in a variety of styles and class lengths to fit your schedule.

Balanced Classes are created by doctors of physical therapy who research and address the major physical changes associated with aging. The goal of each class is to improve whole-body strength, aerobic fitness, and functional mobility through an optimal framework of frequency, intensity, duration, and type of movement.

In tandem, Balanced trainers modify exercises for accessibility, accounting for commonly painful joint movements. Balanced Classes have the potential to improve bone density5, reduce arthritis pain6, and improve the management of many other chronic conditions including diabetes7 and hypertension8.

Regular exercise is critical in the management of these conditions and Balanced trainers strive to create fun and challenging classes that become a regular facet of people’s lives.

Cardio Boxing

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut - utilize classic boxing training techniques to build serious cardiovascular stamina and sharpen your coordination, reflexes, agility. Prepare to sweat and finish strong.

Dance Cardio

Make your workout a celebration of health and movement with dynamic choreography to get your heart pumping, build endurance, coordination, and put a smile on your face. Dance with us!


Our flows are a blend of yoga practices that focus on building stamina and strength, stability and mobility. Connect with your breath and activate the strength you hold within.


Using only your bodyweight, our Pilates program applies precise, controlled movements that effectively builds core strength and stability.


Using weights and resistance, our effective strength training programs challenge you to push yourself and see true fitness gains - all while remaining safe, in control, and keep you coming back for more.


Restore classes focus on the connection between mind and body, addressing joint stiffness, improving posture, and building movement quality. These short form classes are designed to give you a moment for yourself and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Targeted Stretching & Restorative yoga

Using a combination of dynamic and static movements to hone in on specific areas of the body, improving flexibility, reducing joint stiffness, and relaxing tense muscles. Restorative Yoga is a mixture of gentle, long duration poses and meditation, delivered with the purpose of improving your mind-body connection and refreshing your body.